The 3 Keys of 
Millionaire Agents

How To Go From 6 Figures to 7 Figures

The “No Holds Barred” mindset with Coach Ken Goodfellow on how top agents go from 6 figures to 7 figures a year.

What’s included:

  • Based on Ken Goodfellow’s accumulation of knowledge from hundreds of Mega Agents he has taken from 6 to 7 figures.

  • Distills the 3 fundamental principles that have guided top producing agents to phenomenal achievements in business growth and have them stay there.

  • A variety of stories and thoughts of top producing agents on how they reached a high level of business success by breaking barriers and gaining more predictable outcomes.  

  • The differentiating factors that separate the average agent to the extraordinary agent and how the 3 keys can be applied to any agent motivated to obtain a smarter business who are looking to increase their GCI. 


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